I promised myself a long time ago that if I saw a book that interested me I’d never let time or money or anything else prevent me from having it. This means that I treat reading with a certain amount of respect.
— Ryan Holiday

January 2017


Cal Newport





This book came at exactly the right time for me.  It champions the pursuit of deep work - this being long periods of uninterrupted time to work on cognitively difficult tasks.  This intense focus and concentration is becoming more and more difficult in our heavily distracted lives - but it is also the only way to create real value.  It's something that I have been neglecting.

It's a book that I think everyone needs to read and act on.  Deep Work is a skill that is rare and exceedingly valuable.

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This book is a very well written attack on the standard anthropological view of human sexuality.  It challenges the idea that humans evolved to be monogamous and encourages us to take our sexuality a little less seriously.

It was a very dense book with a lot of research interwoven in it - but if you are willing to wade through the depths, the underlying ideas are fascinating.  It feels raw and honest.

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sex at dawn

Christopher Ryan

A Brief history of time

Stephen Hawking

This book is Stephen Hawking's attempt to consolidate some of the most important topics within physics - that of our conception of how the universe started - and present it in a popular science book that someone could read and enjoy without a background in physics.

In truth, it is a herculean task to do just that and I really felt lost when reading this book.  Having no background in physics, I was well out of my depth.  It is for this reason alone that I wouldn't recommend it to non-physicists.  What it did do was inspire me to try and learn some physics - so hopefully I can return to this book one day and find it more illuminating.

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the big short

Michael Lewis

A fascinating dive into the heart of the financial crisis following the stories of 3 people who bet against the housing collapse in the USA and made a tremendous amount of money doing so.

This book sheds light onto the perverse incentives and structures built up within the financial system and scoffs at the ethics deployed in many of the world's largest financial institutions.  Working in a bank myself I found this book eye-opening to say the least.

If you have seen the movie based on this book, then it might not be worth reading it - because the movie is superb.  However, if not - dig in and peer into the looking glass.

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