I Jumped out of a Plane.

What possible explanation can one give for the sheer act of madness that is throwing yourself out of an airplane travelling 3.5km above the ground, relying solely on a cleverly engineered piece of material designed to catch you a deliver you safely to land once again?

There is only one explanation: Pushing boundaries.

Day in, day out, we place so many invisible, virtual boundaries on who we are, what we can achieve and where we want to go.  Therefore it is so refreshing to know that we can still push our own physical boundaries and supposed limitations.  Our physical boundaries aren't held up by limiting beliefs or social pressure.  They are held up by bungee cords, parachutes, harnesses - physical manifestations of safety in uncomfortable situations.

The parachute, for example, does not speak back (as your self-conscious does).  It knows exactly what it's one sole purpose is and it goes about that with minimum of fuss.  It doesn't dwell on the crucial part that it plays, it simply gets out there and does it.  There isn't a smaller parachute sitting on it's shoulder whispering:

"I don't think you can do this.  Are you sure you are up to it?"

Jumping out of a plane therefore is not nearly as terrifying as chasing your dream with all that you have; or being obnoxiously proud about what you are passionate about; or being yourself in a world full of social "ideals".  Because in those situations, you can't see the harness, or the cord, or the parachute.  It's just you and your thoughts.  That little factory upstairs telling you:

You can't do it.  You won't do it.  You shouldn't do it.  What would they think?

When we tackle these mental boundaries it can often feel like we are jumping out of a plane with no parachute!  Crazy.  That is why we settle for 'average', for 'ok', for something we can be 100% secure in.

It's rational.  It's safe.

BUT, that is not what changes the world.  It is NOT what puts a dent in the universe.

The people and organisations that make an impact are the ones that are irrational.  The ones that aren't happy with mediocrity, with safe.  They are the ones who jump out of the plane without the parachute - trusting in their own resilience, mental strength and vision to make it happen.


Be irrational.  Chase with all that you have.

Jumping out of a plane is easy...

Being unapologetically honest with yourself?  Much, much harder.