One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.
— Paulo Coelho

Write a novel.

Record an album.

Run the Comrades Marathon.

Skydive.  (COMPLETE)

Cycle the Cape Argus Cycle Tour.

Watch a Test Match at Lords.

Play in the World Series of Poker Main Event.

Watch an F.A. Cup Final.

See Victoria Falls.

Watch a Wimbledon Final.

Cycle the 94.7 Cycle Challenge.

Write a full-length play.

Learn to play guitar and piano.

Walk on the Great Wall of China.  (COMPLETE)

Snowboard in Europe.

See a show on Broadway. (COMPLETE) (7)

Climb the Eiffel Tower.

Go to a carnival in Rio de Janiero.

Find and marry my soulmate.

Start a Charity.

Race a sports car.

Break a Guinness World Record.

Set up a school.

Visit the pyramids in Egypt.

Start a 50-year business.

Win a lucky draw.  (COMPLETE)

Fly 1st Class in an Aeroplane.

See the ‘Mona Lisa’.

Name a star.

Attend the Olympics.

Watch the launch of a space shuttle.

Plant a tree.

Learn to juggle with 3 objects.

Drive a convertible with music blaring.

Gamble in Las Vegas.

Hit a hole-in-one.

Ride a gondola in Venice.

Learn to say ‘hello’ in 30 different languages.

Snorkel in a shipwreck.

See Coldplay live.  (COMPLETE)

See U2 live.  (COMPLETE)

See Linkin Park live.  (COMPLETE)

See John Mayer live.

Speak at a TED conference.

Run the Two Oceans Marathon.

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

See Muse live.

Set foot on all 7 continents.  (3/7)

See the Northern Lights.

Ride an elephant.

Go shark cage diving.

Send a message in a bottle.

Get a university degree.  (COMPLETE)

Snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef.

Catch a cricket ball in the stands.

Climb a volcano.

Run with the bulls in Spain.

Attend a FIFA World Cup.  (COMPLETE)

Go Zorbing in New Zealand.

Busk on the sidewalk in a foreign country.

Go into space.

Go the 'Day of the Dead' festival in Mexico.

Got any ideas?  Let me know.